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This book contains resources for all organiziation leaders, including Relief Society, Elders Quorum, Young Men, Young Women and Primary!
There are chapters covering a gamut of topics, and one of my favorites is about how to utilize technology, inlcuding automated calendaring, task tracking, and shared documents.

“If ye are prepared ye shall not fear…” -D&C 38:30

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Sacrament Conducting Template

Have you ever struggled conducting sacrament meeting?

I know I have! Everyone I ask has had the same problem. It never fails, whenever I conduct, I get what I like to call “conducting dyslexia.” Forget it if you try to ad-lib or something comes in last minute. Your mind races and goes blank. You try harder, but you flub-up and things go miserably. You forget the Bishop’s last name. You forget to recognize the High Counselor on the stand. You mispronounce someone’s name and call them “Sister Ungabunga” or “Brother Rosenrose.” The worst thing that happened to me was failing to recognize my wife when she was conducting the music! Doghouse for sure!

Don’t let this happen! You can pre-order my book my book for a PDF form-fillable version, or click here or the image below for the the totally free online version of the sacrament conducting template.

Sacrament Conducting Template (Google Doc)

Sacrament Passing Map

This sacrament passing map for is for new and confused deacons, teachers, priests and elders everywhere. How many times do you see confused looks, puzzled faces, and scrambling around the pews? Do you notice distractions and commotion when someone sits down to pass the sacrament? Couldn’t reverence be maintained if everyone knew their places? This map makes it dead easy for everyone to know where they need to go. Click here or the image below for a full color PDF of the Sacrament Passing Map.

Sacrament Passing Map

Please note that in our building the Sacrament table is connected to the podium with the stairs on the outside. If your Sacrament table and podium are separated by stairs, please pre-order my new book, and that additional map will be included along with a PDF fillable version of the Sacrament Conducting Template. That is $400 in value for free when you pre-order my book!

Checklist for Conducting Baptisms

This little checklist will ease your concerns when conducting a baptism.


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